Daily Snapshot

October 24, 2008

Bright Red!

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I was sitting at my computer one night and I just happened to glimpse out of the window and saw the colour of the sky, so raced out and grabbed a few photos. This is as they came out of the camera, no editing at all….I was just amazed 😀

For more excellent photos, go visit Skywatch by clicking on the icon at the top.




October 17, 2008

The MCG!

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I took this photo last Sunday morning, whilst on my way to the start of the Melbourne Marathon.

In the background is the MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground). The MCG holds over 100,000 people and is one of the most well known landmarks in Melbourne. Running on to it at the finish of the Marathon was a very special privilege!!

If you’d like to see some amazing photos over at Skywatch, click on the icon above.


October 2, 2008


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I took this photo at about 5.45am last week, standing on the balcony of our holiday apartment just out of Coolangatta, which is on the Gold Coast.

If you want to see loads of fantastic photos, click on the icon above and head over to Skywatch.


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